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31.07.2018 19:07
9 медалей
i have been working on this for so long AHHHH!!! i got the idea from a drawing i did a while ago------https://www.instagram.com/p/BltlCPKB9yJ/?taken-by=jaisa_noel_art------ song: Petit Biscuit - You. hope you like it!!! <333 and RIP me if its not in sync X'D
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_Disaster_ 07.08.2018 03:08
koshka_LPS_TY, thanks!!
koshka_LPS_TY 06.08.2018 20:57
wow it's so cool OwO
_Disaster_ 06.08.2018 18:42
MandARINKA16,если ты так говоришь XD
Xx_kristapsxx_xX, thank you!!!!
Xx_kristapsxx_xX 06.08.2018 15:51
gorgeous <3333333333
MandARINKA16 06.08.2018 15:40
оо только инглиш еее only english yeaah
DaleksOfSkaro 03.08.2018 23:10
relationships 03.08.2018 19:20
Иди отсюда.
_Disaster_ 03.08.2018 18:32
adobesummercamp, um. ouch?
DaleksOfSkaro 03.08.2018 18:22
adobesummercamp, Just a song idea. Its emotion, its not supposed to look like anything.
adobesummercamp 03.08.2018 18:22
tf is this supposed to be