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18.11.2017 04:36
terrible animation and when I was at a store with my family my pet dog, Boomer, got out and someone took him. A person in a yellow truck grabbed him, put him in the truck, drove some distance from my house and pushed my dog out.. ;-; A girl watched the person push my dog out of the truck and told her mom, the girls mom grabed Boomer and read his collar and called my mom. Boomer got home safe and he is fine! (My dog can open doors) This happened today, to me ;-;
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whale_tails 14.12.2017 06:29
RinaNyashka 30.11.2017 12:11
How good it was that the doggie was returned! He must have been very scared?
whale_tails 26.11.2017 21:18
Elzamira, Я не знаю, почему кто-то сделал бы это
Elzamira 26.11.2017 14:09
бедный пес
Elzamira 26.11.2017 14:07
бедный песик
Elzamira 26.11.2017 14:07
бедный пёся!
но анимация классная
Hataer 18.11.2017 12:41
_Yurii_ 18.11.2017 12:37
Poor dog! D:
_-Vkontakte-_ 18.11.2017 08:03