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зайка-ганкстер =3

03.01.2012 21:28


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Noch 27.05.2012 15:07
Он забыл ://multator.ru/toon/quebashuompp !
mimimi 04.01.2012 20:09
ганстааа! :D
Sunshineoftime 03.01.2012 23:00
hoLera, also I kind of talk differently even for an american. {=p So no worries. You're honest and to me, that's a pretty awesome trait to have.
hoLera 03.01.2012 22:56
Sunshineoftime, Duh, if I only could speak english better, I would say, that you involved in charity, and acting so diligently.. But your language is still too unknown for me, and I look like idiot saying that..)
El_tiempo 03.01.2012 22:55
Sunshineoftime, i think so! :3
Sunshineoftime 03.01.2012 22:51
El_tiempo, {:) Sorry! My mind goes at 1000 miles a minute. Thus my writing. Dammit language barrier. Yes google TRANSLATE HELP US ALL.
El_tiempo 03.01.2012 22:49
El_tiempo 03.01.2012 22:49
Sunshineoftime, of man, you told too many worlds to my brain! ___@ google-translete help me!
Sunshineoftime 03.01.2012 22:47
hoLera, I'm thinking it was that too. =p I've still got a long ways to go before I can hold the crown equally. So as for now, the best thing I could have done was give away all the medals and balls. No I'm poor yet still with a beautifulm piece of jewerly.
Sunshineoftime 03.01.2012 22:45
El_tiempo, No! We totally will! One person at a time. One memory at a time. :) Just as all our experiences and everything we have ever felt, or seen, or heard, make us up. We are afterall, the collaboration of the conversation of humanity.