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Dance WIP

03.04.2017 09:26
while im too sad to animate have this old draft,, maybe when im ,, somehow ?? happy again i will finish it,,
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TopHStick 05.04.2017 00:00
This looks nice.. better than i could eeever do
Sushi-Cat 04.04.2017 23:04
I hope you are feeling better~
narwhale220 03.04.2017 18:14
waterdan10 03.04.2017 17:47
you should really finish it! it looks cool!
waterdan10 03.04.2017 17:47
DapperWantsToDIE 03.04.2017 12:02
Talia8Pie, because its a WIP not a finish animation
Talia8Pie 03.04.2017 11:36
Like the dance moves, but the head keeps disappearing :?