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i feel sick

10.08.2018 08:01
its midnight rn. im not feeling good and i should probs go to sleep, but late night animating/drawing is getting rare for me to do now so i really dont want to cus i wont be able to do anything for a long time. plus i dont wanna get up off my couch
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FG_FatalHydra 11.08.2018 21:33
Sometimes I feel like my life is just that feeling where you are sick. Don't worry. Just like my life will/has gotten better, yours will too. Keep hope close, don't let it go. Hope you feel better.
Kristersv10 11.08.2018 18:09
_Disaster_, hope it stops!
_Disaster_ 11.08.2018 17:53
im feeling okay now. but my head ache is lingering
_Disaster_ 11.08.2018 17:53
FennixFox001, TY
Kristersv10, *takes it and sips* thanks ^^
FennixFox001 11.08.2018 13:06
Get well soon!
Kristersv10 11.08.2018 10:40
*Drink my hot peppermint tea*
*drink my medicine*
Elle_5 11.08.2018 05:48
_Disaster_, uwu np <33
_Disaster_ 11.08.2018 04:38
Elle_5, *noms sushi* thanks jelly<3
_Disaster_ 11.08.2018 04:38
RANDOMGIRL4 11.08.2018 03:44
Get better soon!