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Zeno's Paradox, Phil the Philosopher ep:1

19.02.2018 08:07
Nothing is real. The universe is a lie. Buy gold! Buy!


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Inteligense 25.07.2019 05:18
heck you
zefuro 15.03.2019 04:56
Fam continue this series,
SpiritWolfie 15.01.2019 10:52
Wylieguy, *insert over dramatic gasp here*
Wylieguy 02.01.2019 08:05
That was the plan!
SpiritWolfie 01.01.2019 08:55
Wylie ur trippin me out
Eatme10times 01.07.2018 05:55
ohh shit...
icri 02.06.2018 19:29
ive seen that problem so many times lmao
DaleksOfSkaro 15.05.2018 21:32
Nothing ever touches, as that would require atoms to collide, therefor nothing ever fully touches. There is always space.
PeaceLion 04.04.2018 02:46
to much math, imma go sit down now o-o
zefuro 10.03.2018 05:14
Wylieguy, evenn though it came to a conclusion, there is surely a lot of loopholes in my theory as well. i didnt really explain calculus, i only told you about one in a hundred ways of finding a solution to this, we need to extreminate one logic and shift them around...using the help of logic, a rule that could break other rules, you could say that i cheated while using an infinite variable. in Quantum mechanics, the electrons could move from point A to point B without covering the space between them they could even exist in many location inn the same time, would zeno's paradox work on them? and we all have subatomic particles in our bodies that are capable of doing that, so does that mean we all teleport? hmm, looks like i just formed another paradox, anyway, speaking of reality and logic always entertain me, have a think about it