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I like these uniforms

26.10.2018 04:30
sorry i dont how animate? canadian-leaf205 made this
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canadian-leaf205 26.10.2018 05:50
MeiTest, <33333
MeiTest 26.10.2018 05:49
takashisenpai18 26.10.2018 05:41
WarLions, damn it a did it again.
WarLions 26.10.2018 05:40
MeiTest, lol, I'm technically born as a lion.

hecc, I was born August 5th. Ima Leo, lol
canadian-leaf205 26.10.2018 05:36
FLIPPY_WOLF, No its not :,) I dont eat my friendz i like pizza ramen and boba tea. :,)
FLIPPY_WOLF 26.10.2018 05:33
canadian-leaf205 26.10.2018 05:30
MeiTest, i could never think of eating you!! and luckily this is just a costume i am not a lion :)
MeiTest 26.10.2018 05:27
As a goat I have concerns on the amount of lions
FLIPPY_WOLF 26.10.2018 05:15
canadian-leaf205 26.10.2018 05:08