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13.05.2018 10:12
That's right! I'm finally tryin' to get @R0YALS back on its feet! :D Rules for auditions: Either you link two of your best animations and one drawing, or you create a new animation as your audition. Capiche? ALSO! I'd prefer passer and animators only, but if you know any good archaeologists, link their stuff, as well! And you may audition other people, yes. =w= Also, it's two AM for me... Hi. X'3 X'D And I will share results of who gets in next Saturday! How this'll work: I'll still have the regular members, and if they're inactive a week, they don't get to be in for the rest of the MONTH! Yep, that's right.. Non-permanent members get months now. uwu But if you're not active with at least one toon, whether it be drawing or animation, each week, you're out by that Saturday. Also.. Sorry Elle, but your check idea is so good. TwT For those who DO get accepted.. Well, you won't know until next Saturday if you're in or not, but for those who get in, put WIP in your draft if you're working o
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TheMemeist 26.09.2018 02:59
R0YALS, :/ OH WOW. sorry.
R0YALS 24.09.2018 02:04
Oh, also!: I'M EXTENDING ENTRIES! Gonna go over the entries when I don't have piles of homework to do, haha! - Fluff
R0YALS 24.09.2018 02:03
R0YALS 23.09.2018 01:04
TheMemeist, TheMemeist, I noticed you did not read my instructions. Please audition with your five most recent animations, please. - Fluff
TheMemeist 22.09.2018 23:37
I don't really do drawings as much... I just animate. Animating long animations isn't really a problem with me too. I just joined a month ago and so I am not Passer YET. But I did apply though. Please tell me if there is anything else I need to do. :/
TheMemeist 22.09.2018 23:33
one more ---->
TheMemeist 22.09.2018 23:32
I make mostly just jokes and memes on my page... here is one --->
R0YALS 22.09.2018 23:32
TheMemeist, Read the instructions below on how to audition! - Fluff
TheMemeist 22.09.2018 23:31
lol i will post 2 animations
TheMemeist 22.09.2018 23:30
CAN I JOIN!!!???