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[InkTober#3] Roasted

04.10.2018 05:07
Demon roasting in Hell.|Since many people are confusd as why Im not doing this "correctly": I know InkTober has to have inking involved, not some digital art thing.. BUT, I dont have the money to afford such products. And I just want to be apart of some event, even though Im not going by the rules. I dont care about whats necessary, its all about having fun. (Through my perspective, at least. :D)
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RANDOMGIRL4 07.10.2018 05:20
Isuckatusingmous, I would, but it's too much pressure. (and im lazy) Thanks though.
Isuckatusingmous 06.10.2018 05:24
request for passer.
RANDOMGIRL4 04.10.2018 05:10
Xx_anxiety_xX, Lol thanks
Xx_anxiety_xX 04.10.2018 05:09
for this i just drew
some guy on fire lmfao