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04.07.2018 00:21
holy crap this is crap.why do i spend hours on crap XDD
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TheRealAaronBurr 07.07.2018 03:59
THEROLEPLAYER_ 06.07.2018 04:37
Good content as normal
_Disaster_ 04.07.2018 15:41
Saiko1, naw, I got lazy. I could have done better
Saiko1 04.07.2018 10:43
u must have high standards if this is crap
4M0UN7 04.07.2018 05:39
OOUf. roblox sound!
icri 04.07.2018 05:33
I'm looking for the crap....

but i cant seem to find it anywhere :0
Serulii 04.07.2018 04:17
woahhh QUALITY
FG_FatalHydra 04.07.2018 02:06
Hey, anyone know if there is going to be a contest soon?
canadian-leaf205 04.07.2018 01:47
_Disaster_, HI I MISSED UU)) and your very welcome <3
_Disaster_ 04.07.2018 01:42
canadian-leaf205, GOOD TO SEE U!!! And thanks, even tho it’s rushed