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Woop a doop doop.

26.11.2017 23:07
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Fusing 01.12.2017 06:10
MagicalPotato, Hah, gotcha cunt
MagicalPotato 30.11.2017 14:14
Fusing 30.11.2017 05:16
Billy_Silly,And might I say, nice try MagicalPotato, but you cannot alt acc. me! I AM UNBREAKABLE!!!
Fusing 30.11.2017 05:14
Billy_Silly, Thanks.
Billy_Silly 29.11.2017 20:17
So satisfying! :D
Fusing 29.11.2017 19:02
MagicalPotato, Tone it down mate. The effects when he smashes in the wall look janky, and the movements are choppy. If you said this on something ELSE, then maybe I'll accept.
MagicalPotato 28.11.2017 23:50
wait Fusing i wanna see you take a compliment.

THIS IS FRICKEN AMAZING it is a perfect cycle and your amazing at animation
Fusing 28.11.2017 19:00
Mail55, thx
Mail55 28.11.2017 15:47
Good job man
Fusing 28.11.2017 02:47