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31.03.2018 18:25
Her profile wasn't like this whenever I received the message.. When I received the message two days ago, she still had some animations still in her album... But I knew that @_Luisa_ had been battling cancer, so I had made her a permanent member on here... But now she's sadly passed.. I removed her from @R0YALS. I feel bad for doing so, but idk what else to do.. But may she rest in peace... May she rest in peace... ;-; I was gonna do a detailed drawing to remember her by.. But I don't have the motivation to do so rn... I've already prayed for her soul and also for her friends and family who are dealing with the loss heavier than I might be or other users on here might be... Can you please do the same? Pray that she's alright... And happy..?
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Front_Shooter 12.03.2020 17:00
__FusH__, No offense, but it isn't. Losing someone is real life is worst. But R.I.P. _Luisa_
R0YALS 13.05.2018 06:54
Picodoux, I hope so, as well. <:3 - Fluff
Picodoux 13.05.2018 05:24
Oh wow thats so sad to hear :(

Hope Luisa is great where she is right now <3
R0YALS 21.04.2018 05:11
I'll make this into her folder

Her works:
R0YALS 21.04.2018 05:07
cotton_candy155 18.04.2018 01:16
May she rest in peace, I hope shes in a better place now.
Offel 09.04.2018 21:36
that's horrible! RIP _Luisa_
Glitch-Quest 31.03.2018 20:22
Oh my dear goodness...

At least she doesn't have to battle the pain anymore.

Bless her soul that she managed to fight it for that long. Her friends and family will dearly miss her.

She carved her name on our hearts for us to remember her forever.
R0YALS 31.03.2018 18:51
zyriee, Ty~<3 - Fluff
dacoolkid 31.03.2018 18:49
this just broke my heart i dont even feel good that much but god bless her