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happy 4th of july

05.07.2018 09:40
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when the neighbors set fireworks off at 3 AM
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sealegs 09.07.2018 03:50
cringecat, SAME like wtf IT WAS AT LIKE MIDNIGHT AGAIN TOO the 4th of july was like a week ago!!!!
cringecat 08.07.2018 14:00
this is yes, it was last night I think and people were still shooting fireworks. like you had your chance, now please stfu. my birds were scared af :'c
sealegs 06.07.2018 05:09
oh my god thanks for the medal LOL
zefuro 06.07.2018 01:07
pornhub: we need to talk
Sketchyx 05.07.2018 21:58
Wow. This is amazing! my neighbors did the same thing!
NatCatArtist18 05.07.2018 21:57
bruh that happened so many times lat night!! The neighbors were like a block away from us and then BOOM. Some neighbor called the police
OrrkaUno 05.07.2018 17:36
FennixFox001 05.07.2018 11:43
Pfft dats funny but it seems painful XD but u must be feeling like dat since ur neighbours set it of a 3AM!
Sweet_Pudding 05.07.2018 10:04
Serulii 05.07.2018 09:45