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omg seriously

01.12.2019 23:03
LMFAO kids on roblox are so fucking fun to fight with i swear cause they're always wrong.. i mean.. "coodies"
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Toonimator_666 02.12.2019 23:20
rhapsody 02.12.2019 14:16
i once had a 7 year old pretend to be 16 but after saying ''stop lying nobody believes you'' for the 50th time she kind of understood and became angry and sad
Toonimator_666 02.12.2019 10:57
Unxknown_player 02.12.2019 00:33
i love proving them wrong through pms and also how everything they see is tags
Toonimator_666 01.12.2019 23:57
lonelycousin, ugh yep..

sadly i am that kid
lonelycousin 01.12.2019 23:56
roblox kids be like: calling people kids even tho they're also a kid
Toonimator_666 01.12.2019 23:08
Zatch, h- ok
Zatch 01.12.2019 23:07
Cooties are racist
Toonimator_666 01.12.2019 23:06
yumgurl69, eyah but they thought i had ""coodies"" just cause i was dressed as a boy for one round
yumgurl69 01.12.2019 23:05
cooties r reasl....