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Mini Lord.

11.02.2019 21:50
Black : Black can mostly have the power of the person by him so he took overlords power and is stuck with it.
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PicklesWithFruit 11.02.2019 22:28
StickFights123, too late. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
StickFights123 11.02.2019 22:01
Add on his not mine since im "Copying"
PicklesWithFruit 11.02.2019 22:01
ima go next!
StickFights123 11.02.2019 21:59
Im always hate on.
StickFights123 11.02.2019 21:58
WHy does this always happen
CajunpowerYT 11.02.2019 21:55
You did copy mate! Sucks!
StickFights123 11.02.2019 21:53
TheOneAboveAll2 11.02.2019 21:52
No, you just copied the same thing I did, this is why I dont do collabs!
TheOneAboveAll2 11.02.2019 21:52