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28.02.2020 10:09
A recreation/reinterpretation of NinjaBlazeX's "Best Creation". When working with this, I noted that he posed his sticks with too much stiffness, and that he needed to make them a little more loose and flowy. Doing so would've made his animation much smoother. I also noted that the timing for most actions were odd, most pauses lasting less than 5 frames and some impacts seeming drawn out uncomfortably long. If he were to pace each action better, the animation would've been easier to follow. I will admit, however, that the second slash I drew was a little janky. Note:This is friendly critcism, I said these things with the intent of helping NinjaBlade improving. That being said, enjoy!


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zFluid 01.03.2020 11:25
Fusing, Im really heartwarmed u noticed me .;. :ppp
zFluid 01.03.2020 11:25
Fusing, No problemio
Fusing 01.03.2020 10:52
zFluid, Damn dude, thanks for stickin' around. I actually feel really heartwarmed by that
zFluid 01.03.2020 10:35
Fusing, im 12
zFluid 01.03.2020 10:35
Fusing, Ive been fan of u since i was fuckin 9
Fusing 29.02.2020 07:31
zFluid, Thank you. Feels good to be here again
zFluid 29.02.2020 06:15
Glad to have you back Fusing,
Fusing 29.02.2020 06:00
NinjaBlazeX, Also, it isn't better, it's just polished. With time, you'll develop a method for polishing you animations, but all it really takes is some devotion to the work. You got this, dude
Fusing 29.02.2020 05:59
Ansonlin360, I'm not quite sure what your context is for saying this, but i'll take it
Ansonlin360 29.02.2020 05:29
those moves are quite simple actually, the effects make it really nice