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Contest (With PRIZE!)

15.09.2016 13:55
Okay.. I'm serious with the prize now XD | Anyways, Draw your mostly used OC using only these colors! No blending please. | There will only be 2 winners. Both will be featured in my next (big) animation. There are people however, that are already included. Like: SketchZi, TakTikDu/TheShitPoster, DapperSkelington, PurrPurrMeow and -Kitsu-! However... they can still join. But people that isn't on the list will be considered as the winners. :D Deadline is September 17. Good Luck Everyone! :D | Also I reposted this on Oldschool for everyone to see! Srry o3o



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VeraApriliaYusuf 23.10.2016 16:12
So..... now it's Oct. 23
I hope I still can join
(TSP is so lucky he's included in the animation)
ci24262 22.09.2016 16:32
i promise there are more frames XD
ci24262 22.09.2016 16:31
[url= /sh784797][img]http://multator.ru/preview/poci2422fcos[/img][/url] my entry ^-^
MillyBunny_LOL 21.09.2016 17:37
Somethingborowed 18.09.2016 08:48
Echogelato 17.09.2016 18:47
EndlessSTYLE 16.09.2016 22:25
ExxIStar_XD 16.09.2016 11:08
lazylife, Yes you can :3
ExxIStar_XD 16.09.2016 11:08
lazylife 16.09.2016 08:56
SirLser-QietCrpr, im not the host but i dont think you can but maybe you can use white