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Dragon puff

13.03.2015 03:18
I need to get the hang of this animating thing
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firewisp 15.09.2015 05:01
bolt-shine 13.03.2015 04:55
i like and favorited... the arch is the worst rank on toonator. and peeps are asking why cos this s awesum :3
ZachSharkAttack 13.03.2015 04:32
Deliriiious, Lemme explain! There are ranks here and your an archaeologist! That is the lowest rank and that seems stupid because your animations are amazing! There are many ranks such as Passer, Animator and tons more! :P
Deliriiious 13.03.2015 03:50
ZachSharkAttack I don't even. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
What does that meAN IM SO CONFUSED
ZachSharkAttack 13.03.2015 03:38
This animation is beautiful! Why in the world are you an archaeologist?! THIS IS A WORK OF ART! *o*
Deliriiious 13.03.2015 03:22
I just got here I don't even know what that rank thing means
But thank you!! .o.
hateu 13.03.2015 03:21
How the duck are you a archeologist? This is a great animation! Like!