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Don't Ya Just love Eels? DESC

24.05.2018 18:49
Should I make Puffer-eels a species? If so- open or closed? Thanks!
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-Human_Person- 22.04.2020 19:00
eels are cool
Dragrawrxxx 31.05.2018 03:01
Exvius 31.05.2018 02:52
deviljho nyeheh
Dragrawrxxx 31.05.2018 02:48
Gajau oh hecc no. I'll animate my boo odogaron or tzizi-ya-ku
Exvius 31.05.2018 02:39
do Gajau, I dare you..
Dragrawrxxx 25.05.2018 07:12
izzyrocks 25.05.2018 03:15
this is better then all my animations combined ;-;
Dragrawrxxx 25.05.2018 00:43
I'm going to use this tag for every single one of Slinky's animations. #eel
Dragrawrxxx 24.05.2018 23:18
Okay. New Announcement: These are a Closed Species! They can be adopted here sometimes: https://dragrawr.deviantart.com/

Oh yeah, btw, I have a DA :) *for poop-posting*
Dragrawrxxx 24.05.2018 22:44