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Why can't we do this my way?

08.12.2017 08:37
I was listening to 'My Way' by One Bit and Noah Cyrus while I made this. Sass happened, and so did lip sync. It's hard to do without actually having the song lined with my animaton, but I'm proud overall. Just wish it could be a bit more readable without hearing the audio!
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galaxycuup 09.12.2017 07:28
THeFoxMaker2004, thanks ^^
THeFoxMaker2004 09.12.2017 00:20
-_Vorka_- 08.12.2017 17:31
ура паучки дают бесплатно. напиши это к 10 мультам зайди на свою страницу и нажми Alt+F4 и тебя 500 паучков
galaxycuup 08.12.2017 09:13
goats2552, Zoelie, thank you both omfg~!
Zoelie 08.12.2017 08:49
whoa! gj. i can even see him saying it...
goats2552 08.12.2017 08:47
... This is amazing.
galaxycuup 08.12.2017 08:38
broken_anchor, thanks!!
broken_anchor 08.12.2017 08:38
looks good! nice job :o