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12.05.2018 23:37
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Fusing 17.05.2018 05:42
ScarfKanye, Oh, uh, ok, maybe in the future. School's in muh wey
ScarfKanye 13.05.2018 11:49
Fusing, Blades of Chaos From God of War
my bad
Fusing 13.05.2018 04:56
ScarfKanye, Surry, wat?
Fusing 13.05.2018 04:56
zFluid, ?? Thanks? dunno what to say, but i'm cool wit it.
zFluid 13.05.2018 03:53
I Love you :")
ScarfKanye 13.05.2018 01:42
Fusing, Hmm, Practice with the blades of Chaos from Kratos
Fusing 13.05.2018 01:18
zFluid, HM?
zFluid 13.05.2018 01:04
Luff it
Fusing 13.05.2018 00:12
ScarfKanye, Okay, maybe something else cuz I haven't touched animation in a good long while
Fusing 13.05.2018 00:09
ScarfKanye, got it. If only there was wolf...