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14.03.2020 09:39
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Tell me why tf I was compelled to make a stupid little cross punch, plz, i'm too tired to process it myself


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eldoqq 17.03.2020 22:47
sorry i tryed lmao
Fusing 17.03.2020 09:14
eldoqq, Go on ahead!
eldoqq 17.03.2020 08:55
can i please continue
Fusing 16.03.2020 01:05
zFluid, I greatly appreciate that, but it isn't a big deal either way. Just consider that next time
zFluid 15.03.2020 20:13
Fusing, Owkey dlude i respact u so i try to halp <3
LignumAnimations 15.03.2020 14:43
for an epic battle animation ( ° ʖ °)
_StarMoonlight_ 15.03.2020 02:30
Fusing, lol
Fusing 14.03.2020 22:51
-__-__-__-__-__-, Awh, fank youuu!
_StarMoonlight_, I mean, you aren't wrong
Fusing 14.03.2020 22:50
zFluid, Nah, magne. It's all cool, it isn't the end of the world if he goes off of it. I don't mind much anymore
zFluid 14.03.2020 19:44
Minecraftisgood, not cool bro u have to ask first