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25.07.2018 06:35
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I was making an animation for the contest but i ended up copying many frames...
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Kotsuko 01.08.2018 22:14
GOODNESS dat womans face omg
Pirata 26.07.2018 12:43
SnakeBoy11, i like to do some storys here but i never thought about an anime, that would be cool :D , Thank you for your idea!
SnakeBoy11 26.07.2018 03:20
Not so bad. I'm a fan of anime and could say you should make an anime series on Toonator!
It may seem stupid and annoying at first but I'm saying you already have good skills for this masterpiece.
Pirata 26.07.2018 00:11
zefuro, sorry for the delay to reply, I started to late and didn't know what to do in that case :(
next time i will try to participate again!
Pirata 26.07.2018 00:00
DaWierdAnimator 25.07.2018 22:31
This animation was great for the contest. Sadly it didn't make it!
Arii2Last 25.07.2018 22:31
I love this
Arii2Last 25.07.2018 22:31
this would be so cool if it were a series! Or at least have a part two :3
Elle5 25.07.2018 21:09
asyvghbdsf thiS IS PERFECT
zefuro 25.07.2018 11:53
Pirata, just do it, i copied a lot of frames as well