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10.06.2015 01:36
I love drawing ducks, tho, my drawings of them are rarely happy. I prefer the more realistic, depressing side of life.
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KyraDaPenguin 21.02.2018 15:23
thats so sad
narsku 11.06.2015 01:25
Thank you :)
Powerlifter 10.06.2015 23:01
i have to say that this is a great animation
narsku 10.06.2015 20:07
I am so sorry if this animation is a downer. : / I just felt like it needed to be done. No one lives forever. But then again, even the relationship for this two wasn't always sunny, they always in need of help asked it from one another. (yes i just killed one of my favorite comic book characters.)
_destiny_ 10.06.2015 03:08
its so sad D;
Powerlifter 10.06.2015 02:13
aww so sad :(