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Connor and Flare

27.06.2017 20:36
sorry the this art slop, i feel like i could have worked harder on it but i have to go soon and i wanted to get it done, and i just love seeing flare and Connor together, Sibilings must stick together ! :D Connor belongs to @Aishite <3
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fnaf-tale 28.06.2017 00:31
Aishite, your welcome mkl;ncek ;jeiotbuvnc jek
Aishite 28.06.2017 00:24
This is adorable! Thank you so much !! QwQ
fnaf-tale 27.06.2017 20:44
_HarryPotter_ 27.06.2017 20:38
_HarryPotter_ 27.06.2017 20:38
AWWW CUTE -le licks-
TwoWeeksAtFuras 27.06.2017 20:37