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Who Wants to collab?

27.06.2020 10:13
Hey, If you wanna collab just ask, I'm open to them quite a lot.
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Rushy 02.07.2020 19:26
BloodRat, i dunno actually-
BloodRat 01.07.2020 09:56
Underscore_, or maybe we do something like make our characters walk in a funny way? I could make the original animation then you continue it with your character.
Underscore_ 30.06.2020 07:03
BloodRat, Sure i'd love to collaborate! Maybe i can make a animation with you in it?
BloodRat 30.06.2020 04:40
Rushy, Oki Doki, what'll we do?
Rushy 29.06.2020 17:27