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J-Hope (@SpilledInk)

07.02.2018 23:34
Ah, another beautiful preview, thank you for the blessings Toonator X3 <3// Well, this is what I got, since the little things were becoming so tedious X) I hope you enjoy this Hobi XD// For anyone who is interested: I do accept requests for any portraits/pictures of people that you would want to see, whether it is someone you admire and like, or someone you hate, I'll attempt to recreate them for you XD, I really enjoy making them :) / I'm not doing animation suggestions rn (since I'm STILL working on the ones from before, cuz I'm slow and easily distracted, sorry X3) But if you're interested in that just let me know X)
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Wolves4life 10.05.2018 22:18
This BTS?
Guapper 10.03.2018 03:15
crxstql, ^p^
crxstql 09.03.2018 18:36
Guapper Okie dokie!
Guapper 08.03.2018 06:57
crxstql, Sure! I can try it ^w^ // It'll probably be a while tho, I have some other stuff I'm working on as well TwT
crxstql 08.03.2018 03:41
Can you draw Billie Eilish ? Omg:OO A pic if u need it! https://lastfm-img2.akamaized.net/i/u/770x0/665a9e991ebb231af91a29afe8b008e6.jpg
Sketchyx 07.03.2018 20:08
Guapper 07.03.2018 01:05
Sketchyx, Tysm <33
Sketchyx 06.03.2018 23:33
Amazing... I dont have any words for this...
Guapper 06.03.2018 21:35
ThatOnePerson112, I do have a draft from a while ago that I can work on X')

fingerlickingood, ^w^
21robax 06.03.2018 21:33
my siser is obseed w/ k-pop