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15.06.2016 00:12
I dunno. It's for KarTheDragon336 (i'm glad you like my animations :з)
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_Red 16.06.2016 20:42
It's so cuteee *u*
fnaf-tale 16.06.2016 18:11
<a href=" /sh740905"><img src="http://multator.ru/preview/zdf8safnat24" /></a>
fnaf-tale 15.06.2016 04:29
UltraWolf001 15.06.2016 01:01
Monster_UwU, oh ok, and yus tumbler
Monster_UwU 15.06.2016 00:59
UltraWolf001, No.
I animate only on Toonator (and Multator) and draw things on Tumblr (*´▽`*)
kittygirl2210 15.06.2016 00:55
This is cute!!
UltraWolf001 15.06.2016 00:54
Do you do animations on flipnote on the ds?
KarTheDragon336 15.06.2016 00:41
aaAAH *screams* THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN ;O; !!!!!!!
I like how you drawed kutka playing with oxii and his grumpy funny face :'D !!!!
xD it's a fun animation and great idea!!! nnNNG I LOVE IT SO MUCH LOOKS SO AMAZING!!!!!! :'3 THANKS YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! X''D BOTH ARE SOO CUTEE!!!! >U<
DapperSkelington 15.06.2016 00:13
DapperSkelington 15.06.2016 00:13