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When the fighting is done

29.06.2018 23:58
2 медали
it's time to sleep. Song: Sleeping at Last - Lullaby | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYnm3BLfTB8
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Talia8Pie 30.06.2018 05:12
appleeater_ 30.06.2018 02:58
i really enjoyed watching you doing this its so beautiful in its own way
Offel 30.06.2018 02:12
i rate it 10/10
Offel 30.06.2018 02:12
Jazzmary, yes.
Echogelato 30.06.2018 01:50
I like how much detailed you spent on this-
especially the background
and this generally is sad
Jazzmary 30.06.2018 01:01
when the preview lies
-AshFlame- 30.06.2018 00:56
Shine, this is so well done!! Also, can we just take a moment to admire the way she colored- I mean it's so beautiful,, the lines work extremely well, and the shading is beautiful!!
RolePlay_Doodles 30.06.2018 00:30
I was waiting for this to get gp
EatMe 29.06.2018 23:59
This is beautiful aa