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10.08.2019 18:25
um so yeah hi im not dead yet... i probably wont go back to posting regularly because this site is kind of dead now and so is my will to animate... I got a new drawing tablet that actually has a screen so wow yay hooray its easier to animate now! so yeah here you go have an animation ima head out now
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Thegemarald 24.09.2019 20:52
robotups, me to
robotups 13.08.2019 16:43
aishee119, I use flipaclip quite regularly
robotups 13.08.2019 16:17
robotups 13.08.2019 16:16
asfjhkalfak daily popular thank so much
when i was making this i legit watched it thinking "i might get demoted... not smooth enough... not good..." and then i get on daily popular for, what, the 3rd time im aware of? thats not often (`v`;)
aishee119 13.08.2019 13:20
who the hell is that
Uberdrivers 13.08.2019 05:04
RONALD MC DONALD ATACKSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aishee119 12.08.2019 23:57
if you are dead how were you able to send this comment???
SlenderStudios 12.08.2019 23:27
look who IS dead.... *Points to himself*. X3
GrimpyToonz 12.08.2019 15:19
wELcUm beCk
aishee119 12.08.2019 12:27
there is also an app called flipaclip