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Yeah, idk

09.05.2020 12:07
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This happened in the span of less than an hour and I mean... it looks good, I guess?
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Fusing 12.05.2020 09:34
Serulii, FALSCHH
Serulii 12.05.2020 09:17
Fusing, AW NO IT'S TRUEE >:P
Fusing 12.05.2020 08:41
Serulii, *strong* word but very much appreciated (especially considering how amazing your work is, I feel very flattered UwU)
Serulii 12.05.2020 08:37
omgg the legend strikes again
Fusing 10.05.2020 01:05
-__-__-__-__-__-, Thank you kindly for the medal!!!!
Fusing 09.05.2020 22:25
moham1, bruhhhf
Fluffowuffo 09.05.2020 22:24
is amazing :0
moham1 09.05.2020 22:14
-__-__-__-__-__- 09.05.2020 21:56
Raine_Rain, ya look at the desc!
Fusing 09.05.2020 21:26
ApkoHa, However good I may think that is, I'd rather you not advertise yourself on my toons.