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ive come back with a very important message for ev

26.04.2019 00:18
for those who come to drawn just to piss on the community and say, "Drawn stole all toon's peoplE!!" stop. just stop. please. also im gonna flex now, i got 103 followers on drawn imma cool kid now. im part of the 100 squad OuO and yall just need to fucking chill with the hating on drawn shit please
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Rushy 16.01.2020 21:49
toon is better. and i have an argument
toonator has a more organic and less laggy drawing surface area, while drawn, despite how smooth the lines are, is incredibly laggy and hard to learn to use.
also, the mods dont do much there, and its really hard to get "koin" as opposed to spooders. also, hypocritical point hating on toon and telling people to stop hating on drawn
thanks for calling drawn "shit" aswell. :)
AnthTanth 02.11.2019 23:23
but you can have your own opinions tho (^:
also dont flex pls
AnthTanth 02.11.2019 23:23
i mean its true
CrownedDoubt 28.04.2019 21:17
Just saying hi its me VintageMask from drawn-- I do like drawn but you are kinda being rude not to be rude!! I don't want you to take this comment offencive-- but your kinda angry?? And Yeah your good at art but-- no need to brag about how popular you are... Its kinda rude to brag like that sorry don't take this offenceive-- Also I'm agreeing with UltraMarshmellow..
2DaruiAnimator 26.04.2019 16:21
Ansonlin360 26.04.2019 02:36
OOOOf taht was a good roast
Hinikuna 26.04.2019 02:18
your 103 followers are secretly just your mom making 103 different accounts
Dodobroking11 26.04.2019 01:17
lmao flexing your followers
WolfHats 26.04.2019 00:39
UltraMarshmallow, ok phew then
UltraMarshmallow 26.04.2019 00:36
WolfHats, kjnhlkfjrsghrk ty but itsreallyokaysfbgdjyt