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04.12.2018 09:01
This wasn't really the practice of fundemental animation, rather it was the practice of my patience.


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Picodoux 14.12.2018 00:56
Actually satisfying to watch .. Could be a loop !
wishtree 10.12.2018 03:37
This is awesome you are really good!
Wylieguy 06.12.2018 07:09
Go ahead NerdyMemes , it's only two frames, one has the line from the half up, the other from half down.
DaleksOfSkaro 06.12.2018 01:04
NerdyMemes, hit continue and save it as a draft, analyze it from there, dont post it as anything but a draft.
NerdyMemes 06.12.2018 00:56
can i use this to see how u sliced
B1uMoonGirl 05.12.2018 15:42
Wylieguy, Yes, that would unbearable.
Serulii 05.12.2018 09:17
omg even more satisfying!
WolfHats 05.12.2018 05:05
I still think its a grapefruit. you done good
Wylieguy 05.12.2018 04:58
crap. You're*
Wylieguy 05.12.2018 04:58
Oh my goodness. What if your right? I have failed as an animator. B1uMoonGirl