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03.07.2019 19:24
Ohiu / Grito / Scream


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NewArdanza 17.02.2020 19:19
Blobby- thanks :) I was practicing drawing facial expressions. I don't know how to use drawbot jaja
Blobby- 05.12.2019 18:48
i actually went into editor to see if its drawbot, thats true art when someone has to do that
NewArdanza 05.07.2019 00:50
-adidale, yeah, I like the eat and more. I would like to know the russian, but it's hard to learn jaja
-adidale 04.07.2019 20:20
NewArdanza, oh, spain? that's cool, on Spanish cool eat and more
I don't use translator, I from Russia :'/
NewArdanza 04.07.2019 10:49
-adidale, I use google translator, I'm from spain so for my it's the same to translate to russian or to english.
-adidale 04.07.2019 09:40
NewArdanza, if you on multator, you must know Russian language, do you know that?
NewArdanza 03.07.2019 22:51
-adidale, I also prefer the multator animations
NewArdanza 03.07.2019 22:51
-adidale, I want to add music and I put it in multator by mistake
-adidale 03.07.2019 20:07
oh, what you doing on Multator?
kingmyself 03.07.2019 19:26
маған ұнайды