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Nature Dragon

17.02.2017 04:40
Sorry it wasnt supposed to save before... and i hope you guys like it !! >w<
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handssecrets 24.04.2017 15:38
fnaf-tale, wow wonderfull
TwinkleSea 20.03.2017 00:59
kkara 15.03.2017 03:16
grass dragon? :P
thecursed 04.03.2017 22:18
cool owo
fnaf-tale 01.03.2017 18:52
polina787, благодаря
polina787 01.03.2017 18:18
Calico-Wolf 25.02.2017 05:49
ok thx :3
fnaf-tale 25.02.2017 05:46
Calico-Wolf, maggicccc
you have to go in the middle of two colors with your uh
the thing other than a eraser and pencil
and keep going for the color in the middle
Calico-Wolf 25.02.2017 05:42
fnaf-tale, i know im acting like noob but HOW THE HECK DO U BLEND
fnaf-tale 24.02.2017 05:13
Calico-Wolf, blending