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Contest entry (repost)

05.01.2021 19:56
Had to repost cuz it didn't come up in Sandbox - aaa, sorry for how ugly this looks qwq. I really wanted to try some semi realism for this contest. Uh, If i'm disqualified because of the white background, i understand. Honesty the white isn't part of my art in any way, i just couldn't really come up for a background for this, and once i finished the girl it was too late to add one. - ugh this looked so much better in the editor tho https://i.ibb.co/drpmszD/Screenshot-2021-01-05-at-115323.png - plus my fingers hurt from drawing this with a mouse lmao.


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_StarMoonlight_ 05.01.2021 23:42
-__-__-__-__-__-, i know, but i messed up lol
-__-__-__-__-__- 05.01.2021 23:27
i wish this could be in it this is good :(
_StarMoonlight_ 05.01.2021 22:47
KunaWolf, a c k. Yeah i forgot hhhh

when doing this that part kinda slipped my mind qwq

eh, I think imma just take this out of the contest then
Bamboo0k 05.01.2021 22:19
KunaWolf, Yes, I think you need to redraw this person into a cat and add a light background
KunaWolf 05.01.2021 22:07
i do nawt want to be that person but iirc the contest involved having to draw one of the linked character references
either way this still be looking good doe <3
Bamboo0k 05.01.2021 21:58
this is very good! I hope you win ✊
_StarMoonlight_ 05.01.2021 21:11
zirah_ii, aaa thank you qwq i hate it
zirah_ii 05.01.2021 20:21
woah super prettttyy!!