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Bounce VS Dartus (Fight Collab) 6

30.12.2018 23:20
I worked a lot on this



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evon60 04.01.2019 15:58
LOL Bounce
looks like one of those caution wet floor people (no offence...
FG_FatalHydra 31.12.2018 05:41
noice. Good to see decent stick animators have fun. It's entertaining.
SlenderLicky 31.12.2018 00:09
SwagTomato, Indeed I can ;)
SwagTomato 31.12.2018 00:04
You can do it! You're an aninator
SlenderLicky 31.12.2018 00:03
SlenderLicky 31.12.2018 00:03
SwagTomato, I suck at animating falling rocks but I promise I'll make it look as good as yolks did lol
SwagTomato 31.12.2018 00:03
Thanks bro!
SlenderLicky 31.12.2018 00:02
SwagTomato, cool! Nice dude looks amaze
SwagTomato 31.12.2018 00:01
SwagTomato 31.12.2018 00:01
I'll add then next time