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cheatu animation thing

15.11.2018 05:05
animated by Canadian-leaf205-- oc's: Vo!d, Chance, and Ryuu. they all belong to me canadian-leaf205 sorry the ending is a bit rushed theres a person deleting drafts and i didnt want to loose this so i tried to get this done by the end of today song is cheatu by blackbear
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toonimator_101 17.11.2018 14:25
People who have lots of time on their hands XD
canadian-leaf205 17.11.2018 02:08
WolfHats, thank you
WolfHats 15.11.2018 23:31
canadian-leaf205 15.11.2018 05:35
takashisenpai18, aa thank uuuu
Shultiex 15.11.2018 05:31
takashisenpai18, tell me who it is in pms even tho we arent in the bottom of this yet aghhhhhh
takashisenpai18 15.11.2018 05:30
Shultiex, canadian and I might know who it is but we arent sure yet.
Shultiex 15.11.2018 05:28
person deleting drafts???
the fuck whoever does this im going to kill them
takashisenpai18 15.11.2018 05:27