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08.01.2018 17:36
just wanted to paint long time did not draw behold
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TomaPS 08.01.2018 20:36
artyabbs, artyabbs, alas, i'm not an animator
i do not know
artyabbs 08.01.2018 20:27
yeah but how
TomaPS 08.01.2018 19:48
artyabbs, animator
artyabbs 08.01.2018 19:45
i have a question.. how do i rank up
TomaPS 08.01.2018 19:39
TomaPS 08.01.2018 19:38
Dodobroking11 08.01.2018 19:15
like it
artyabbs 08.01.2018 18:12
This is Adorable. i wish i could give you a medal
TomaPS 08.01.2018 18:12
RubberDuckyy, thanks for the link so far there is no soon draw my parsnarnage on toonator
sorry for mistakes
RubberDuckyy 08.01.2018 18:06
This is so cute lordie!
Do you have a reference of your character?