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как король потерял корону

30.11.2011 23:57
что это? жаль конечно, но что поделать. на то он и король.)
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localwonder 06.03.2012 09:15
Sunshineoftime, )) yeap. wearin crown was pretty cool)and it's all thanks to you) oh man...
now we shoud find new king. i wonder who it might be...
Sunshineoftime 05.03.2012 22:39
Oh man Phil. x) You you lost it. <:c But at least you got to enjoy wearing it right? :D And thanks for making that last toon. It's pretty awesome. And somehow very very profoundly deep. :o plus the song rocks! :D Either way, gosh this picture and relevance. At least you're not a splatter on the floor. heehee
localwonder 05.02.2012 13:47
Sunshineoftime, =D
naaah. everything gonna be alright)) well, i hope so...XDDD
Sunshineoftime 05.02.2012 06:51
you're going to freaking fly. You've got wings~ :p
Sunshineoftime 05.02.2012 06:51
o_e I kind of hope this isn't a foreshadowing of you're kinghood dude. x`c
Sunshineoftime 17.01.2012 07:03
going to think about this when the day comes xD
localwonder 10.12.2011 20:22
Tasha_KYN, понятное дело. король же. короли просто не уходят)
Tasha_KYN 10.12.2011 19:42
Слишком много пятна оставил. Много значил)
localwonder 10.12.2011 18:04
Shooter_SP, жаль его.
Shooter_SP 10.12.2011 17:17
конец эпичен \ОоО/