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How did I get here?

15.11.2019 03:47
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Hello this is my first animation here, it took longer than I imagined, because drawing with the mouse takes a long time but I finished hope you enjoy.
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FanAnimeStudio 11.02.2021 06:35
bububooo 06.02.2021 17:37
Damiyuta 30.12.2020 10:29
wow thanks for comments, after a lot of doodling with the mouse i managed to do this >O<
hmmmWellThen 30.12.2020 10:19
wow. this was made with a mouse. how the hell.
Epicxz 19.09.2020 14:28
ddiarra 18.09.2020 19:56
This animation=^_^
-__-__-__-__-__- 18.09.2020 19:22
Epicxz, whatever you say professional artist
VoidWatcher 10.09.2020 01:43
Epicxz, jeeeeez
Epicxz 14.08.2020 21:37
but ok
Epicxz 14.08.2020 21:36
lol drawing with a mouse is easy I do it 4 all my toons why do ppl say this