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I was gonna do a hg simulator

09.08.2016 18:44
but I'm not bothered to type out all the usernames and pick all the genders again so ye
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happyjester 09.08.2016 18:50
KAnimate, its kewl. stuff like that happens alot. my oc never cuts his hair. (he cant be trusted with sharp stuff :O)
KAnimate 09.08.2016 18:49
happyjester, yeeee

sorry about thinkin you were a girl at first tho lol

I tend to assume people's genders just by looks
happyjester 09.08.2016 18:48
KAnimate, bingo :3
KAnimate 09.08.2016 18:46
happyjester, I thought you were a girl at first but I think you're a guy???
happyjester 09.08.2016 18:46
quiz what gender am i