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Skimpy Little Sketch

27.02.2020 09:58
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I honestly don't know how this came to be, I just wanted to recreate an old toon and it morphed into this. Eh, it looks cool, I like it, enjoi hinoiminoi


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Fusing 11.03.2020 09:20
Serulii, Many thamks!
Serulii 11.03.2020 07:02
love this!!
Giraffecat77 28.02.2020 21:43
this is amazing. reminds me of star wars
Fusing 28.02.2020 08:11
NinjaBlazeX, Uh, i can give it a shot!
NinjaBlazeX 28.02.2020 04:48
Can you remake mine cause I want to see what I need to improve on
wais228 28.02.2020 03:35
_StarMoonlight_ 28.02.2020 02:47
Fusing, np
Fusing 28.02.2020 02:32
_StarMoonlight_, Thank you kindly
_StarMoonlight_ 28.02.2020 01:03
this is pretty cool
Fusing 27.02.2020 17:09
jockoz, I guess so, idk, I just wanted to keep the motion going