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King of the Universe

27.11.2017 06:14
King Jesus on your day of 11/26, we sing praise to you. Light from Light, God from God, we reveal our hearts to you, our most dear and beloved king god.
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Shultiex 21.05.2018 19:40
the title makes more sense than "god of the world"
Jazzmary 29.04.2018 04:33
Beautiful. God bless you! :)
zefuro 28.03.2018 20:54
no, big bang created the universe
poccua 12.03.2018 19:18
This is weird....but cool.
Zionaaaaa 07.02.2018 09:13
Jeebus. C:
Kotsuko 27.12.2017 20:03
im happy theres a pro thats christian here ;w;
winged_warrior 13.12.2017 06:10
Bl0xwatch1Sf4ke, ...no, no you don't. The only bad word we dont say is the GD one and that is the word God and then the D word. I dont wanna say it cause I dont want to and I just personally dont like cursing, but the 1,000 years your thinking about is when the rapture happens (when Jesus comes to take all the Christians with him) and after the 7 years of hell on earth, heaven is on earth and we live 1,000 years in harmony till Satan excapes the pit of fire (or something like that) we have a war and stuff, but i know it may sound weird to some people but I am also not completly sure on this. There is so much to explain its hard to tell in a simple text
Bl0xwatch1Sf4ke 10.12.2017 00:30
MentoCola im an atheist but in your belief, when you curse dont you go to hell for a thousand years or some shit
Awkward__Artist 08.12.2017 03:52
Sunshineoftime, well said
Sunshineoftime 07.12.2017 10:08
-AshFlame-, i think we have to live with the sin of man. but we make do with the rest of our lives and our decisions. so, i don't think its about pleasing. it's about what we do and look for in our lives. hopefully...goodness and realizing our humanness and the morality of feelings and the world.