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05.12.2019 18:16


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seanpanther 11.12.2019 17:51
oh really name 3 things that's wrong with my grammar you probably even went on google to check if your paragraph is correct
Blobby- 10.12.2019 21:19
seanpanther, what the fuck you're actually so nooby. first off you don't even know how to link his name to what ur saying. second you don't know zatch which makes u even more nooby, like who doesn't know zatch?! and third your grammar is terrible, "you are a terrible animation" and nothing you say makes sense and your sentences reduce my brain cells
Blobby- 10.12.2019 21:18
StickProductions, ew EWWWWW nooo
StickProductions 10.12.2019 21:09
thats why ur keeping it away with this
StickProductions 10.12.2019 21:09
Maybe you love her :3
seanpanther 09.12.2019 14:20
https://multator.ru/user/TAB_STUDIOS : if I need a better animation software then why are you here and also you are a terrible animation first you need an English lesson second how do you know what im thinking you pedo and thirdly who the fuck is zatch get a life no one loves you not even your Parents
Blobby- 05.12.2019 22:53
TAB_STUDIOS 05.12.2019 19:24
Stupid lunatic I will ask zatch to make you unhappy you miserable kid nude minded porn maker piece of trash you don't deserve nothing you are a terrible animation and she is a passer your not how about go on the road and beg for money so you can get a better animation software because you suck, oh also I am a hater just speaking words our your mouth :) stupid animatior
braeiou 05.12.2019 18:58
its you're not your retrad ecept from that good editted
Blobby- 05.12.2019 18:51
i mean, at least you didn't lie, thats all that matters right