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05.01.2015 19:09
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DashaRouz 18.06.2018 17:13
TealDream, Of course it's great! This is a dragon or a dinosaur, most likely a dragon. It would have been better if the color, though so super-duper!
DashaRouz 18.06.2018 17:10
dinomuska, Yes, it is very pretty. Supersky author and painted animation, still in color)
TealDream 23.01.2015 13:17
dinomuska 19.01.2015 22:02
Wow, Amazing!
jgogg1 19.01.2015 16:49
жутко и прохладно X3
Toxicity_Life 05.01.2015 19:11
CoolFox, Спасибо :)

Он хоть и выглядит, как деревяшка, я всё же пытался :D
CoolFox 05.01.2015 19:09
анимация кул