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summer days

23.07.2019 09:33
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A long overdue gift/work of love for two of my favorite people and first friends on toonator--_Disaster_ and Elle5! It goes without saying that I would've quit Toonator long ago if it weren't for you and all the other friends i've made over the years. I love you both so much, and even though we don't talk much anymore (toon is dying 2019 YEET), I want you guys to know that you've impacted me immensely both as a person and as an artist. ;w; Keep in touch--I'm sure you will both go far! <3
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GraceLamal 11.09.2019 15:57
How do you add music
Oku-shann 10.09.2019 02:26
MilkyWay1272010, Its beatifull! >:(
MilkyWay1272010 06.09.2019 19:38
this is NOT beautifl . (Sorry pls)
-egg 06.09.2019 05:20
-egg 06.09.2019 05:20
this comment stands out because it is mentioning itself
Spongebobturkey1 06.09.2019 04:51
Pasterupastel, yea ;DD
Pasterupastel 06.09.2019 04:51
aww and purdy!! not to mention smooth ^O^
Serulii 06.09.2019 04:07
added music! "summer" or "east coast summer" by louie zong~
Sereno 24.08.2019 05:37
This is fucking beautiful, absolutely beautiful ;0;
Toonimator_666 12.08.2019 20:47
for some reason I always notice the red girl, so I only just noticed how cute the blonde is ^w^