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21.03.2017 21:20
ignore this


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Jiggyrogny 03.04.2017 19:46
Jiggyrogny 03.04.2017 19:44
imma use this
bobthedragon 29.03.2017 05:08
THeLessEnd, majestic magfnicisent
bobthedragon 29.03.2017 05:07
THeLessEnd, !! blue!
THeLessEnd 27.03.2017 12:02

forgive me for not asking for permition
bobthedragon 22.03.2017 22:26
just going to casually link the finished version here bc people keep looking at this one instead of the continue I guess??
bobthedragon 22.03.2017 22:22
Fusing, oh man, the only game I've played of theirs is don't starve but that is some good bouncy stuff there
Fusing 22.03.2017 21:57
Fusing, Which, by the way, I absolutely love
Fusing 22.03.2017 21:56
You're animation style reminds me of that of Klei Entertainment.
bobthedragon 22.03.2017 18:14
JillAndJack, ty you are a pal!!