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13.08.2018 22:10
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Fadel 14.08.2018 01:46
PicklesWithFruit, Alright, Thank you I will do my best ^^
PicklesWithFruit 13.08.2018 23:57
Fadel, You still have Passer but it's kinda a warning? I'm not sure how many frames, 10 should be good though. I'm not sure why this was moved, because it is 10 frames. Just make sure your next animations are longer and have a lot of movement. They will appear in Oldschool still.
Fadel 13.08.2018 23:18
PicklesWithFruit, did it move automatically or by hand?and if I post anything from now would be here in sandbox? and how many frames should I have? because I think 10 frames are enough for a shot like this .. in TV show anime they use 8 fps and in moves they use 12 fps, Disney style uses 24 fps
PicklesWithFruit 13.08.2018 23:10
Fadel, I think that just because it short. It's very good! Just short and not much happens? I think that's why others have been moved before.
Fadel 13.08.2018 23:07
PicklesWithFruit, I don't know! Is this animation bad and that's why it moves there?
PicklesWithFruit 13.08.2018 23:02
were you moved to our sandbox?
FG_FatalHydra 13.08.2018 22:21
SlenderLicky 13.08.2018 22:13
interesting :D
PicklesWithFruit 13.08.2018 22:11