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Cracking phone

23.12.2018 05:58
Sorry this is way crappyer than me usuall work guys LOL, good news is the next red and bounce is gana be out SUPER soon, probly by tuesday. anywho, yeah.
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toonimator_101 16.06.2019 20:02
*Hides Phone Screen* Don't worry, the broken phone doesn't exist, it can't hurt you..

Broken Phones:
Therealhokage 10.01.2019 22:50
THIS is so sad
toonimator_101 06.01.2019 14:24
hahaha, all these comments were done last year ( ° ʖ °)
OneandLonely 24.12.2018 21:07
Ah, I had to look over at my phone after seeing this to make sure it was okay.
RookMajonika 24.12.2018 04:43
they will never know what even hit them.
LoserLord 24.12.2018 00:30
Thank god thats not my phone

cause mine no exist
SpiritWolfie 23.12.2018 22:50
Awkward__Artist 23.12.2018 19:41
The physics in this are so satifying.
SuruSuruWo 23.12.2018 17:42
damn, must be chinese knock-off brand
Frisk_and_chara1 23.12.2018 15:18
Ah yes, the saddest thing in the world
It hitting the floor in your room and it breaks even though it could fall down the stairs with only like
1 crack afterwards